Our Girls

Date of Birth:  11/06/2014

Canyon Ridge's Department Of Energy CGC, TKI, TKN





Busy is from our April/Jack litter.  She is an active girl who keeps us on our toes.  Busy became a Registered Pet Partner therapy dog when she was a year and a half old and is also a Certified HOPE AACR Comfort dog.  She loves putting smiles on peoples faces where ever she goes.




Date of Birth: 03/19/2014

Canyon Ridges I Can Only Imagine





Mercy is our water dog.  If there is water around you usually can find her in it.  She is from our Alice/Bumper breeding and is one sweet girl who always seem to have a smile on her face.


Date of Birth: 11/22/2017

Canyon Ridges Mighty Little Princess



 <Picture coming soon>


Sarah is from our Busy/Aslan litter and we are very happy with her.  She is a very pretty girl with a great attitude.  Sarah has the best of her mom and dads disposition and is so sweet.  She has started "Scent Work" training and has shown she has what it takes to compete in trials.  Watch for updates on this sweet girl. 



Date of Birth: 11/12/2017

Canyon Ridges Born To Be Sassy





Sassy is full of sass and fits right into our family.  Sassy needs a job, so we started her in Nose Work classes when she was 4 months old.  She picked up the sport quickly and really enjoys going to her training classes.  We are excited to start competing with her at "Scent Work Trials" in the near future.  She is also starting her training to become a therapy dog so she can follow in her Great, Great Grandmothers (Malibu) foot steps.